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The movie was fun to watch, but I couldn't help feeling that it was a missed opportunity, if it really was meant to shed some light on women's issues.
In the movie, women basically turn into men, and men into women. As though they swapped hormones. Men are suddenly driven by emotions, longing to have grandchildren... It's simply not believable. Ultimately, by attributing female qualities to the men, and making the men look quite ridiculous, it ridicules women almost more than it shows the unfairness of society against women. Instead - in keeping with the comedy aspect to drive home the inequality between the genders - there could have been more emphasis on all the things women go through to be/feel accepted in society: making themselves look attractive, constantly smiling (I would have loved seeing a woman tell a man "you should smile! You would be so much more attractive if you smiled more"), dieting and exercising, being told they're bossy when they're assertive, being told and dismissed because they're emotional/hysterical when they display even an ounce of (rightful) emotion (e.g. anger), working themselves to the bone just to be considered on par with the average guy, 'helping' with housework and child rearing, etc.
There is so much that wasn't even touched on. Instead there was a lot of time spent on scenes that did very little to drive home the theme of the movie.
Another option would be having the movie explore a realistic matriarchal society. This would have been interesting, though most likely much less entertaining. Perhaps a society where we do not value (over)confidence and quick decision making over good decision making. Where the future plays a bigger role in decisions (e.g. a greener world). However, this would have easily fallen into the same trap "Downsizing" did, where a good concept fell victim to a lot of preaching.
In short, it was an entertaining movie, but it could have been so much more..


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